Iyad Afalqa, College Professor/Educator

I am a game changer. I’m a college professor at California States University- Dominguez Hills (CSUDH). I specialize in Health Care Management, Policy and Strategic Management. I am also serving my first term as the Co-President of CSUDH Chapter of the California Faculty Association (CFA). CFA is the exclusive collective bargaining representative (Union) for the 23 campuses of California State University faculty, including tenure-track faculty, Lecturers, Librarians, counselors and coaches.  


As a lifelong Progressive Democrat, I served within the ranks of our Democratic Party in WI, NV and CA in different capacity; 2016 DNC elected Delegate, 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign Healthcare Advisor; 4th-term CADEM E-Board; Delegate; Chair of a Statewide Caucus; Affirmative Action Committee. Currently I’m the President of California Democratic Council (representing 500+ Clubs statewide).

On DPOC level, I’m serving a 4th term alternate Central Committee member with PERFECT attendance, although it’s NOT required for alternates; Legislative Committee member; former member of Resolutions Committee. When I was Chair of Democrats of Greater Irvine in 2016, Irvine turned BLUE for the first time in 40+years. I also doubled the paid membership by recruitment and retention and made the club number one in finance and organizational structure and reform. I lead the change to make the board an operating board where in the past was falling on the shoulder of a paid board member, which weakened the club dynamic and growth. By working with the board to become more involved and active, that promoted more productivity and efficiency


Given our challenging political climate, DPOC needs someone like myself who is experienced, passionate and committed to protect our BLUE WAVE and take DPOC to the next level. I strongly believe that we need a bolder leadership culture in our party at the local, state and national level so we can defeat Trump NOT to advance for a second term. I am seeking your support and VOTE, because we need a strong voice for: More investment in grassroots organizing so we protect pro-choice, Immigration Reform, Health Care Reform, Workers Rights, Marriage Equality and upholding our Democratic values of diversity and inclusion. I am seeking to continue my political involvement with DPOC. If elected, I hope to accomplish three goals: First, to make investment in public infrastructure a higher priority for Democrats. Second, to continue the path towards increasing the diversity in the party to reflect the demographics of our Golden State. Third, to foster greater discussion and develop a strategic plan how as Democrats to gain the majority on city councils, school boards, state and national level offices.


Again,  we will be honored to earn you trust, support and YOUR Vote. Now is the time for leadership strong enough to represent *You, the People* VOTE BOLDLY!

Samila Amanyraoufpoor, Professor/Educator

I am a Professor at Cal State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) and Cal State University, Los Angeles, two of the most underfund campuses within the CSU system. I hold a doctorate degree in International Business, however; after five years of working for corporations, I could not care less to work for corporations and make six figure salary. Ironically, I decided to enter into education industry, and educate my students on the corporate corruption. I am the Chair of California Faculty Association (union) Political Action Committee (PAC) of CSUDH Chapter. I am humbly asking for your vote for my candidacy to Democratic Party of Orange County (DPOC) Central Committee. I am currently an alternate member of DPOC Central Committee for Professor Jane Stover from UCI. I am committed to helping improve our party, so it is responsive to the needs of the people who make up the most vulnerable amongst us in society. Our brothers and sisters; seniors, immigrants, people of color, and LGBTQ community deserve our unprecedented support and for our party to truly fight for them. We are in a place and time in our country where we can transform America. When we stand together, we win. Thank you for your consideration and I will be honored to have your vote and represent your needs in DPOC Central Committee.

Marleen Gillespie, Retired Mathematics Teacher

As a bilingual teacher for over 35 years, the witnessing of the devastating effects of socio-economic injustice and disparity in destabilizing marginalized families, communities, and democracy itself, has led me to active involvement in various capacities including:

  • Current DPOC Central Committee Delegate 

  • Delegate, 2016 Democratic National Convention    

  • Steering Committees: 

    • DFA - O.C.

    • HealthCare For All

    • Campaign For A Healthy California - O.C. 

  • O.C. Interfaith Coalition for the Environment

  • FOCD Immigration Detainee Visitation Program (currently in Adelanto)

  • Progressive Democrats of America - O.C.

  • Ongoing Canvassing and Community Outreach 


As all organizations seek to strengthen effectiveness, communication, and bonds of shared purpose, as a Delegate, I further seek to join the Rules Committee in order to help tackle stumbling blocks in Central Committee meetings and decision-making processes so as to increase our Party’s ability to effectively respond to the needs of the people and communities we seek to protect and serve.    


In both a shared commitment to our Party’s Platform and also the unwavering belief that the moral compass of a just nation must ensure that all may thrive and have a place at the table, 

I would be honored for your vote.

Dean Inada, Incumbent

I’m Dean Inada (pronouns he/him) running for AD74 Democratic Central Committee. I’ve served on the Central Committee since 2007. My oath of office is to support and defend the US and California Constitutions. This became a problem for me when Prop 8 passed, so with the OC Equality Coalition, I filed an amicus brief to that effect to the Supreme Court, and it was overturned.


In addition to the US and California Constitutions, I also like to support: 

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (https://www.un.org/en/universal-declaration-human-rights/

CDP Platform (https://www.cadem.org/our-california/platform)

OC May Day Collective Platform (https://web.archive.org/web/20170121132221/http://ocmdc.org/oc-may-day-coalition-platform-2016-2/)


In doing so, I like to observe the Zapatista 7 tasks (https://web.archive.org/web/20111026200525/http://www.zapatistacoffee.com/2010CPLVDBrigada.html#7tasks)

If you know of any opportunities where I or other OC progressives can do so, please submit them to the OC Progressive Calendar (http://ocProgressiveEvents.info)

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