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Assembly District 74

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Anne Mohr

Given California’s Democratic majority, our party needs to work more effectively to ensure that our platform be reflected in government policy on local, state and national levels.

I am running to regain my position as your Assembly Delegate and Executive Board member in District 74. My political experience, in addition to being a National Delegate that represented CD 48 for Sanders in the 2015 primary, includes having been active in politics since the early 90's. When I lived in New Jersey, I ran for City Council and also held office as an elected Municipal Committee member for ten years, the last two years of which I was voted Vice-Chair and then named Chair. In addition, I continue to hold, for a second term, the position of Membership–Credentialing Chair of the California Democratic Council, which is a progressive umbrella organization of Democratic clubs that supports clubs in order to build leadership and expand grassroots democratic engagement to accomplish political outcomes that serve the people and provide them with representation and influence within the California Democratic Party.

 In my two-year tenure as AD 74 EBoard member, I worked on various projects, which included rules proposals that through hard-fought efforts several had been adapted. During that time, I was also instrumental regarding the passing of the California Disclose Act.

Why I did this work and want to do it again? Because I believe that California Democrats should be democratic in actions and policy and I am not afraid to work to ensure that we are.

During my term, we unseated the Republicans that had held the House of Representative seats in CD 48 and 45 for years as well as electing a Democratic Assembly member in AD 74. While Orange County is now Blue, AD 74 remains Red by a slight margin and I will work to gain the support of those No Party Preference voters.

Effecting progressive change in addition to keeping with democratic values within our organization has been an ongoing endeavor and I hope to resume that effort as your EBoard/Delegate Rep. My goal remains to work to ensure that our party stands for the people. That our elected Democratic officials carry out the objectives of our progressive platform and be accountable to the people.

Your votes for both Delegate as well as EBoard are appreciated. You can reach me at

 Thank you for your support.

Lamba Najib

The United States opened their doors to my family with the Refugee Act of 1980 – it is why I am here today. That could not have been done without the support of the American people. As a first generation and a child of refugee immigrants, I know that fair representation and diversity is essential in maintaining the integrity of the democratic process. It is also fundamental in progressing forward and California has shown its commitment to progress time and again.


I am a lifelong resident of Orange County and a Progressive Democrat. Upon my graduation from UCLA in 2016, I decided to serve my community as an advocate and an organizer leading me to meet some incredible Californians that have since inspired me to continue the momentum and serve my district by fairly representing them as an Assembly District Delegate. Fair representation means inclusivity of minority communities, such as the one I am from. I fervently believe that I can bring a perspective that can foster positive change as a result of my background and experiences.

Hanieh Jodat

My name is Hanieh Jodat, and I am the co-founder and President of Muslim Delegates and Allies (MD&A), a female led organization born from the 2020 DNC Convention. As a Bernie delegate, I have co-authored a multitude of Healthcare, Foreign Policy, Social Justice, Climate Justice and Gender Rights resolutions, some of which have been adopted into the DNC platform. I am the co-founder of Immigrants for Biden and the co-director of the 50 State Voter Mobilization Initiative. Through a coordinated national effort, my contingent played a critical role in flipping three counties in Florida blue. In direct coordination with the campaigns, MD&A is currently focused on the Georgia Senate races. 

I am a published author, philanthropist, entrepreneur, wife and mother. I have worked as an award-winning face to face fundraising coordinator for the UN Commissioner for Refugees USA. As a former board member of the Women’s March California, one of the founding members of Women’s March LA, I served on the planning committee for the Families Belong Together LA March, March for Our Lives LA, and the International Women’s Strike alongside notable activists and an abundance of social justice organizations. 

Born and raised in Tehran, as a child of war, I migrated to the United States at the young age of 11. My journey as a young immigrant brought me to Orange County, and the experiences that have shaped me as a woman of color living in the US have encouraged my years in militancy to uplift the voices of our vulnerable communities, especially our Black, Brown, Indigenous, LGBTQ, Muslim, and minority religion diaspora. 

If you elect me as your AD delegate, I vow to continue to work with passion, empathy, and fortitude to ensure that AD 74 is the model district which leads in inclusion, clean air, healthcare, and social justice. I pledge to continue organizing with my fellow Democrats and the Progressive Caucus as a representative of the marginalized communities to champion for the rights of those who otherwise do not have a voice. 

For my activism, I am honored to have been recognized by the City of Los Angeles, The Board of LA County Supervisors, and the City of West Hollywood. The Medicare for All resolution I co-authored has recently passed with a unanimous vote at the Orange County Central Committee. To learn more about me, please visit

Dean Inada

I'm Dean Inada (pronouns he/him) running to be a Delegate for CADEM's State Central Committee in Assembly District 74 after having served on the Orange County Democratic Central Committee from 2007 to 2020. My oath of office was to support and defend the US and California Constitutions. This became a conflict when Prop 8 passed, So with the OC Equality Coalition, I filed an amicus brief to that effect to the US Supreme Court, and they resolved the conflict.

In addition to the US and California Constitutions, I also like to support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the CDP Platform, the OC May Day Collective Platform, and the Party of People slate .

In doing so, I try to observe the Zapatista 7 tasks. 

If you know of any opportunities where I or other OC progressives can support such causes,

please submit them to the OC Progressive Calendar.

Thank you


For more information, please see Voter's Edge

Or email me at

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