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Assembly District 65

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Carolina Mendez

I am a first-generation student pursuing Political Science as a fourth-year at CSU Fullerton, where I am currently serving as the President of the College Progressives and Vice President of the College Democrats. A product of Orange County public schools, I understand the importance of promoting civic engagement at the local level to allow our communities to recognize the scope of their undeniable political power. Along with my fellow students, I coordinated and lead record-breaking voter registration efforts among young people for Bernie Sanders in the California primaries and for President-Elect Joe Biden in the general election. 

My upbringing as the proud daughter of  a family who immigrated to this country from Mexico decades ago has granted me a powerful perspective that has guided me all throughout my life, particularly in my championing of bold, transformative, and progressive values. 

Alfredo Heredia

My parents immigrated here from Mexico and have worked all their lives here in California. As a result, I've had working-class roots in Orange County since I was born. I'm Latinx. I'm queer. I'm progressive. My roots are in the working class, and I'm always mindful of where I come from.


Assembly District 65 has been home to me all this time, and I have been involved in local government for years now. I'm studying English Literature at Cal State, Long Beach and have been keeping my upbringing in mind since I started getting involved both politically and academically.

Mike Rodriguez

Hello, my name is Mike Rodriguez, and I am excited to be running as an assembly delegate for  District 65. I am a husband, a father of two, a teacher of 17 years, a site representative for my  union, and a community activist who believes in change from the bottom up. I advocate for  Health Care-4-All, a Green New Deal, affordable housing, Ethnic Studies, universal education  for K-16, and the abolition of ICE. I believe it is time to put people before profits in order to build an economy that is fair and just. I hear about people’s struggles when I listen to my  students. Some examples I have heard are stories about how a family of five has to rent one  room of an apartment, how ICE is stopping mothers and fathers as agents pull into their mobile  home lots to detain them, how single mothers are working two, sometimes three, jobs to make  ends meet. These are just some of the stories, but together we can reverse the trends of the last  forty years that have created the largest inequality of wealth in the United States since the Great  Depression. Let’s enact policies that will address this pandemic and get people back to work.  Please vote for the Party of the People in January!

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