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Party of the People

CA State Democratic Party, and the Assembly District Delegates from Orange County, CA

How to Vote for the Slate:


  1. You must be a registered Democrat to vote and you must REGISTER to receive your ballot by January 11th here:

  2. A unique voter registration ID will be emailed to you. Save this information in order to vote.

  3. AFTER January 6th, you will receive your paper ballot by mail. Complete the ballot and send it via mail right away - no later than JANUARY 22 to allow for delivery by January 27.

Don’t know your Assembly District? Click here:

Want to change your party preference to Democrat, register to vote & more, click here:

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Finally, we have an opportunity to elect a new generation of diverse community leaders into the California Democratic Party. With the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbating the systemic inequality and injustices faced by millions of Californians, a looming economic recession, and a contentious presidential election that saw Trumpism nearly win again, it is time for our Party to represent the working-class and progressive makeup of California that will bring us into a future where all Californians are treated with dignity and can thrive. 


The Party of the People Slate represents a new inclusive and diverse vision for Orange County and California, filled with community activists, advocates, and working people who understand the social and economic issues that our communities face every single day. These members merged to form the groundswell that will change the future of our party. We are running to represent everyday people from Orange County in the Assembly District Election Meeting (ADEM).


In the year 2021, we move from fear of losing to expectations of winning.

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