Laura Villa, Businesswoman

Laura Villa is a Manager in Finance. A graduate from California State University Fullerton, Laura earned her Anthropology degree with honors. Laura is a powerful community organizer in Orange County. Most recently, Laura has shown her skills in management translated well into political organizing. 

Beatriz "Betty" Valencia, Businesswoman

Beatriz “Betty” Valencia is the Vice President of Operations, in Business & Finance, a member of the Santiago Canyon College Foundation (SCCF) Board of Directors, candidate, and  the Central Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County. Betty is currently working on her PhD in Leadership Studies. Betty was named women of the year 2019 and most recently made the OC Register TOP 100 Influencers in Orange County for 2019. She is also a published author and a motivational speaker on education and equity.

David R. Sonneborn, Incumbent

Our family moved from Baltimore to Bloomington, Indiana, when I was not yet 3. I went to the same small  school from kindergarten though 12th grade in the same building, with classmates roughly equally divided between rural, town and academic families. My father was a well known and respected geneticist; after WW2, when scientists could again travel to the US, many came to our home. At this young age I recall that many of them ostensibly came to visit my dad, but at least equally to share their lives with my mom, who became something of a universal confidant. On to Swarthmore College; Rockefeller University; Brandeis (PhD); Berkeley (Post-Doc); UW-Madison (faculty),with Sabbatical, summer and winter breaks at Cal Tech; UCI (Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology research); volunteer public advocate. During each of these eras, I have absorbed deep and lasting awareness of the life issues and challenges that people face. I have engaged in advocacy for each of the major human critical events of the day, year and beyond - often simultaneously at local, state, national, international and planetary levels.

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