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Through intentional dialogue, these slates formed based on the belief in the Progressive Democratic Platform grounded in justice, human rights, and equality. Our members are both willing to and are able to draw the line and exemplify the BOLD stances on the issues most important to THE PEOPLE, through an unwavering commitment to the work. We are free of conflict of interests, and unapologetically ourselves, and we  have the grit and experience to face the challenges and stay true to the issues, including but not limited to in no particular priority:


  • Abolish ICE

  • Cost-Free Public Education and Higher Education

  • COVID-19 Financial Relief for All Californians, regardless of immigration status

  • Defund the Police

  • Extended Moratorium on Evictions

  • Green New Deal

  • Holding elected officials accountable

  • Medicare for All (Single-Payer Healthcare)

  • People Powered - No corporate/developer/police union money

  • Public Banking

  • Rent Control and Just Cause Evictions

  • Shelter and Resources for Unhoused Residents

  • Student Debt Forgiveness

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