Emma Jenson

I have committed my heart and soul to bringing the voices of the diverse communities of AD 73 into this great experiment we call Democracy. The humanity and solidarity I have encountered in every corner and behind every door throughout oft overlooked South County has been utterly dichotomous to the noise and vitriol we see every day on a national level. I have had the pleasure of serving in the following capacities:

  • Volunteering, and then becoming a regional coordinator, for the Campaign for a Healthy California to pass legislation to guarantee healthcare for ALL Californians

  • Being appointed to the Democratic Party of Orange County Central Committee as alternate by the inimitable Dr. Bill Honigman

  • Volunteering and organizing for Colonel Doug Applegate in the 2018 primary

  • Attending both statewide conventions and all four Executive Board meetings of the California Democratic party, both as an organizer, and to serve as a proxy

  • Joining the South Orange County Democratic Club as Political Director

  • Running field and voter outreach for Scott Rhinehart, the Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate for State Assembly in the 73rd district, in the 2018 general election

  • Recently being elected as incoming Chair of the South Orange County Democratic Club.

Throughout all of these experiences I have seen time and time again that true leadership and democracy comes from the bottom up through the tireless work of our clubs, our communities, and our grassroots organizations. I am asking for your vote as delegate and to be your Executive Board Representative to the California Democratic Party State Central Committee so that I may be a conduit for transparency and communication, and to amplify the voices of the 73rd on a statewide level. 

Lulu Hammad, Legal Translator

Lubna "Lulu" Hammad is a long-time community organizer and human/civil rights activist.  She has been co-leading Indivisible OC48 since 2017.  She also worked with the Arab-American Civic Counsel on voter registration and voter turnout efforts for the 2018 elections.  Her work focuses on engaging with community members at the grassroots level to drive voting and civic engagement more generally.  In particular, Lulu has focused on empowerment of women and people of color, as well as intersectional work among oppressed and disadvantaged communities.  Lulu is a progressive candidate who supports Medicare for All, comprehensive criminal justice reform including closing all for-profit prisons, comprehensive immigration reform starting with abolishing I.C.E, an end to U.S. wars abroad, and prioritizing combating climate change as a national emergency, among other progressive issues.  She is Palestinian-American, having been born and raised in Jordan. She lives in Aliso Viejo with her daughter and husband.  

Sudi Faroknia, Risk Professional

I am Sudabeh (Sudi) Farokhnia, a service-oriented Risk and Audit professional from Iranian Dissent. I have lived two-thirds of my life in the United States; in Michigan for 16 years where I studied Accounting and Finance while managing a family restaurant that paid for my college.  In 2002, I moved to California and made Mission Viejo my new home. I have been working full time in major financial institutions, moving up the ranks while ensuring compliance with accounting principles and regulatory requirements while I cared for my disabled parents.

Doing the right thing is my guiding light in personal and professional life. I am an attentive listener and passionate for social justice and gender equality. As such, I have had the privilege of serving the community in various capacities, supporting various local nonprofit and professional organizations such as ISCC, KCIS, WHW, IABA, IIA, Child International, and OCIACC. Also, I am a recognized advocate for gender equality and serve in the Steering Committee of ICWIN (Iranian Circle of Women's Intercultural Network), a volunteer-based advocacy nonprofit organization with UN consultative status.

In addition, I am a current member of several local Democratic Clubs in Orange County such as Feel the Bern Democratic Club, South OC Democratic Party (SOCDP), Women for American Values and Ethics (WAVE) and Democratic Women of South Orange County (DWSOC).

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