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Assembly District 73

Sudi Farokhnia

I am Sudi Farokhnia, a Risk and Audit professional from Iranian Dissent; 2019 Appointed Delegate to CADEM, 2020 Elected DNC Delegate CD45 by Bernie Sanders, Incoming Secretary of Feel the Bern Democratic Party, and a devoted community organizer.


Doing the right thing is my guiding light in personal and professional life. I am an attentive listener and passionate about social justice & gender equality. I support many local non-profits and professional organizations. I also co-founded ICWIN, a gender equality advocacy organization with UN Consultative status.


My interest in politics started with 2000 election. I felt that our system of checks and balances failed us, as a result many in Middle East and in US endured pain and suffering, from the unnecessary Iraq war to the economic melt down. Again, I was reminded of the flaws in our system of governing when Citizen United passed, followed with one man had so much unnecessary power that stopped appointment of SCOTUS in 2016. The 2016 election and what followed made it clear that we need to fix the loopholes and prevent such experience to occur again. Now we have a chance to revitalize democracy and make bold progressive changes both in California and nationwide, so I am running again for ADEM to represent AD 73 and be an agent of change.


My First Priority is to Promote Diversity and Inclusion by amplifying the voice of the under-represented communities.


Second Priority is to advocate for Progressive values and initiatives outlined in

such as Medicare for all, Green New Deal, ratifying CEDAW in California and nationwide, and creating Social Equity by investing in community programs, education, mental health services, & cancel student debts.


Third, but not last, I continue to Stand Up to Hate & Violence (end endless wars that displaces people, especially women and children). Cutting military spending, demilitarizing the police, and closing private prisons are a must. The scenes we saw in 2020 triggered PTSD of the brutality I witnessed on streets of Iran. 


We must REMOVE ALL BARRIERS OF VOTING, hold our elected officials Accountable and Accessible to their constituents. I am asking for your vote to amplify the voices of our district. I am also asking you to vote for my "Party of the People" peers running to unify, represent, and empower the incredibly diverse communities of the Orange County.

Parshan Khosravi

Parshan Khosravi is a legislative advocate, grassroots organizer, and unapologetic voice for equity-driven public policy. As an Iranian refugee, Parshan has been a fierce advocate for immigrant rights, and a believer in the power of education as a mechanism of community empowerment. Parshan’s policy focus areas include higher education, immigration, and labor rights. In his professional job, Parshan leads the advocacy efforts on behalf of students in Sacramento and Washington DC, helping students push for legislative solutions to issues they face on campus and in the wider community. Over this past year, Parshan has been leading the policy efforts to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on California's most vulnerable students, through securing financial aid and basic needs resources, expanding health services, increasing broadband and connectivity infrastructure, and pushing for investments into outreach and recruitment programs to support thousands of students in under-resourced K-12 districts. Parshan also currently serves as the chair of the California Young Democrats Labor Caucus, where for the past three years, he has led the caucus in its efforts to fight for workers and support the labor movement at large. Following his advocacy and activism in pushing for equity-driven policies in California, Parshan received the California Young Democrats' Person of the Year Award this past year.


Parshan’s platform as an ADEM Delegate will be to push for policies and candidates who reflect the needs of our most vulnerable communities, whether it be through pushing for cost-free higher education, single-payer healthcare, homelessness and renters relief, or a clean DREAM Act. Parshan centers racial justice as the core of his platform and will fight discrimination wherever they are, from environmental racism to police brutality. With years of experience in organizing and advocacy at the state and national level. Parshan is equipped with the tools needed to fight for the communities who call Assembly District 73 their home. If Parshan is honored to receive your vote, please also consider supporting the other leaders just like him who are running on the Party of the People Slate,"

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