Karen A. Hinks, Political Consultant

The opportunity to elect a new generation of diverse working-class community leaders into the OC Democratic Party. Now is the time to elect bold leadership strong enough to represent You. VOTE BOLDLY!

Jaci Iannello, Financial Planner

Chair of Feel the Bern Democratic Club, Organizer with Our Revolution SoCal OC, Climate Reality Leader, and a Founder of the Green New Deal SoCal Coalition


I believe in the power of the grassroots and I believe in the power of the people. That is why I am running for Central Committee, to represent the constituents of my assembly district. I am inspired by my community and appreciate being able to walk the walk when it comes to many of the progressive ideals I value.


The Democratic Party has a great platform that includes many of the issues I support. It is time we start holding candidates accountable for our platform; the people’s platform. Healthcare is a human right and we are in a climate emergency. It is time for our central committee to acknowledge this and actively support candidates that do as well. When I cast a vote to endorse a candidate or draft a resolution, it will be for a candidate that represents the people. 


It is crucial that we have people in Central Committee that represent the will of the people. That will fight for the everyday person. That's me and I hope to have your support.

Oscar D. Rodriguez, Operations Finance Manager

Oscar Rodriguez is a 26 year old community activist from the Oak View Community in Huntington Beach, CA. He graduated with his Bachelors of Science degree in Health Care Administration from California State University, Long Beach in May 2016 and is currently working Orange County Community Housing Corporation, a non-profit helping extremely low income families transfer to self-sufficiency through housing and education. He Co-Founded Oak View ComUNIDAD, a local grassroots group that was a tough advocate against Rainbow Environmental Services, an unclosed transfer station that is ~50ft from elementary school and ~100ft from his community. In addition, through Oak View ComUNIDAD, community members received educational support on how to properly file a complaint with South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), which ultimately resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for Rainbow Environmental Services and a mandatory stipulated abatement order to reduce, but not eliminate, the nuisance caused to the community. Oscar also serves as an advisory board member for the SCAQMD Environmental Justice Advisory Council and Vice Chair for the Chicano Latino Immigrant Democratic Club of Orange County. In 2016, Oscar was named one of OC’s influential people by the LA Times and in 2016 he also received the Environmental Justice Award by the SCAQMD. Oscar is currently a delegate to the California Democratic Party representing the 72nd Assembly District and was also recently elected on the board of directors for the Chicano Latino Caucus representing Region 7 which encompasses Orange County.

Victor Valladares, Imcumbent

Victor Valladares is a proudly father of two beautiful boys, serving as the elected Democratic Party of Orange County West, Vice-Chair by our current Central Committee. In an effort to incorporate the Latinx Community to the Democratic Party structure, I am honored to also serve as President of the Chicano Latino Immigrant Democratic Club of Orange County. 5 years ago, Oscar Rodriguez & I co-founder of Oak View ComUNIDAD, a grassroots community-driven organization located in Huntington Beach’s predominantly Latinx community. Serving on our city of Huntington Beach as an appointee to the Citizen Participation Advisory Board (C.P.A.B.). I am running for re-election in order to continue empowering constituency bases that traditionally have been ignored but are pivotal in order to elect progressive democrats who will represent our democratic values. I humbly ask for your vote.

Shayna Lathus, Teacher

Shayna Lathus is a middle school science teacher in an urban district. When a Huntington Beach City Council vote kept a highly qualified young man of color off of a Board, she decided to run for that office in 2018.  She was inspired to be a voice for underrepresented communities in her city.  During her campaign, Shayna was the only candidate to speak out against the City of Huntington Beach when they planned to sue to oppose the California Values Act. She earned nearly 19,000 votes in her first election.  A few months later, Shayna was elected to the California State Democratic Party as a delegate in AD72.  Shayna continues to work with the immigrant community and decided to run for Central Committee in order to represent those who feel they have little or no voice in matters that affect all of us.

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