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Assembly District 72


1 Minute Video about the AD 72 Candidates

Tracy La

My name is Tracy La and I am a Vietnamese progressive, immigrant rights advocate, and electoral organizer. I am the daughter of working-class Vietnamese refugees who migrated to the United States in the mid-90s. My commitment to building community power for justice and equity stems from my own community and family’s experience with racism and economic injustice. 


I am the founder of VietRISE*, an immigrant and social justice non-profit organization dedicated to organizing Vietnamese communities in Orange County to advance social and economic equity in OC’s immigrant communities. In 2018, I co-developed a county-wide electoral campaign that engaged 24,000 youth of color for OC’s three major congressional races, including district 48. 


In February 2020, I was an opening speaker for Bernie Sanders at a campaign rally in Santa Ana, CA. I proudly uplifted the immigrant rights movement in the county, and called on the need to end deportations, cancel all student-debt, enact national rent control, and end workplace injustice by holding accountable wealthy corporations who gain billions off the backs of workers and families. 


I hold two B.A.s in Social Policy & Public Service and Political Science from UC Irvine. As an undergrad, I served as the elected student body president of the Associated Students of UCI, where I developed and directed the largest student-run volunteer voter registration program in Orange County in 2016, which registered over 6,500 students. The following two years, I worked with local organizations to register 10,000 more young people.


Today, I am proud to run for Assembly Delegate in the 72nd district as a member of the Party of the People slate, and I humbly ask for your vote. Learn more about the Party of the People, as well as the platform that I am committed to and stand for here:


*Title and organization for identification purposes only.

Niki Nguyen

My name is Niki Nguyễn and I am running to serve as an ADEM delegate for the 72nd district as a member of the Party of the People Slate. I am an organizer and researcher with a history and passion for fighting for change at the intersection of racial, economic, and immigrant justice; and I am concurrently pursuing my M.A. in Sociology and B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity at Stanford University. As the daughter of two Vietnamese refugees and a lifelong Westminster resident, I have seen and experienced the issues of gentrification, violence from the criminal justice and immigration systems, and systemic racism in Orange County--all of which have informed the way I navigate and aim to transform spaces.


In the past, I have worked on initiatives addressing health and education access for immigrant youth in the Bay Area and immigration reform impacting asylum seekers in Cape Town, South Africa. My work has also taken me to Kadapa, India where I supported campaigns advancing women’s rights and safety measures for human rights defenders.


With these experiences in mind, I learned that solidarity transcends borders and ultimately, home is Westminster and Orange County more broadly. I am rooted here in these communities and believe in the capacity for change and growth that has been pioneered by the many activists that have come before me. This past summer amidst the Black Lives Matter uprisings, I co-founded the grassroots collective Education Organizers for Racial Equity that works with students and more to fight for racial justice in HBUHSD schools by advancing Ethnic Studies, transformative justice practices, and eradicating police presence. Additionally, I have served as a legal immigrant rights intern in OC, assisting in cases for undocumented immigrants and advocating for immigrant rights through impact litigation and research.


Along with the other candidates on the Party of the People Slate, I hope to grow in community with you and advocate for the bold policies and practices that our communities are asking for that centers those most marginalized. I humbly ask for your vote and your support for the individuals running on the Party of the People Slate,

Gina Tifany

Gina Tiffany is a resident of Huntington Beach, CA. A longtime advocate, activist and organizer - she understands the importance of caring for community and has been hands on for nearly two decades, working with everyone from large nonprofits to small grassroots organizations. As a member of the working class, and a mother - Gina also understands the importance of balance in both work and home life and believes that balance can be struck by creating a stronger community infrastructure through services and support.

Dan Ma

Dan Ma is a young local leader who is dedicated to advancing equity and justice in our diverse community. Born and raised in Westminster by Vietnamese American immigrants, he grew up navigating our community’s rich cultures and has a personal understanding about its diverse needs. He is an advocate for ethnic minority, LGBTQ+, and immigrant communities with experience in both grassroots community advocacy and empirical policy research.


Dan co-founded Education Organizers for Racial Equity, a grassroots organization that works with local high school students to advance equity in schools and has successfully advocated for ethnic studies curriculum in Westminster School District and Huntington Beach Union High School District.


As a Doris Duke Conservation Scholar and a member of OC Environmental Justice, he is also an avid environmental advocate and has facilitated workshops to introduce students to environmental justice.


Academically, Dan is trained in Economics and Data Science from UC Berkeley and has experience conducting policy-relevant research projects. He also represents over 200,000 undergraduate students as a member of the University of California’s Academic Planning Council and Education Finance Model Steering Committee.


As your Delegate to the California Democratic Party, Dan will be committed to promoting a democratic agenda that better reflects the needs and progress that our community demands.


If you have any comments or questions, you may contact Dan Ma at

Steve Lethus

My name is Steve Lathus, and I am running to be YOUR 72nd Assembly District Delegate.

I have lived in AD72 for more than five years since I moved here to become a family with my wife and stepson.

I am an architect and project manager, each day requires that bring a wide variety of stakeholders to a consensus so we can solve problems together. I want to use that skill to represent the people of this district.

I managed my wife’s city council campaign in Huntington Beach in 2018 and am grateful to have been able to build relationships with residents in AD72.

I am an excellent listener and I take the time to make thoughtful decisions. I have been a volunteer within various Democrat spaces, and I decided it was time to be a delegate to represent YOU instead of watching from the sidelines.

I believe our Party needs thoughtful, progressive voices to help shape our platform.

With your vote, we can make this happen.


Steve Lathus

Vincent Tran

My name is Vincent P. Tran. I am a community organizer, a second generation Vietnamese American, and a lifelong resident of Orange County. I am running for Assembly Delegate alongside individuals on the Party of the People Slate in order to ensure the Democratic Party prioritizes the needs of working-class people and upholds progressive values. 


My commitment is to build a more equal and justice driven Orange County and California, which includes Immigrant Justice, Cost-free Higher Education, Defunding the Police, Medicare-for-All, Housing as a Right, and more.     


As Community Engagement Coordinator for VietRISE*, I helped organize Vietnamese residents to defend immigrant rights and housing rights. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I served as a member of the COVID-19 Community Response team and led a team of Census field staff that contacted and assisted over 5,000 Vietnamese residents to complete the 2020 Census. 


Ultimately, I want to use my experiences to help build a party that is grounded on the everyday realities and needs of Californians. The Democratic Party should not only reflect the diversity of our community but it needs to be a party that will take bold stances to support working-class and immigrant communities. I promise to serve with integrity and would be honored to have your trust and support. In addition, I ask for your vote for the individuals running on the Party of the People Slate,


*Position and Organization for identification purposes only

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